Designated Caretaker Redux
Frederick Keeve

Feature film

Darren did an expert job sweetening and fixing the sound mix for my film. He helped elevate the professionalism of my film and make it a possible award contender in several top film festivals. He came in on time and met my budget! Bravo, Darren!! Thank you so much!!


Here are several real reviews from clients I have worked with.

Post Production Sound

Dialogue Repair Sample


Do Not Disturb
James Horton
Feature Film

 We brought in Darren to attempt better matching of production audio and associated ADR, after several others had already failed. Our expectations were high, but the reality was growing more and more grim. Darren accepted the challenge, and delivered above and beyond satisfaction. He also did so in a timely manner, and stayed in contact with us throughout the process. Darren was easy to work with and always professional, and I'm sure we will be working together again in the future.


Nothing as it seems
Lizzie Maxwell

Short film

Darren worked on my short film, "Nothing As it Seems" and was 100% professional. He was a joy to be around and willing to help out on all levels. He was also willing to help out with post problems to assure quality sound. I look forward to working with him again.

Vivienne Vaughn
Web Content

I made a short film and needed a substantial amount of ADR recorded for the project - unfortunately, the original actor was unavailable, and therefore I had to entirely dub his performance. I was very nervous about this - dubbing is always risky, because it's so difficult to get the performances to match. Luckily, Darren was the epitome of professionalism, and the two of us were able to work with the actor to get seamless dialogue matches to the original actor's performance. Darren is super nice and friendly, and he and his studios provided everything I needed in order to achieve my goals. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a sound designer or ADR engineer.